24 thoughts on “Cats or Dogs”

  1. Definitely dogs! Although cats do make excellent pets and are much cleaner, dogs are generally much more affectionate (in my opinion). Dogs are known for being very playful, whereas cats prefer to keep to themselves.

  2. It depends on both the owner and the cat or dog. Some factors to consider are both of their personalities, what both are looking for in a companion, how much time and energy they’re willing to put in, etc. Personally, I would like a cat as a pet more because they’re usually calmer while having an attitude I appreciate and respect (and maybe fear, just a bit).

  3. Dogs, for a number of reasons:

    1.) They will help you with your physical health by asking you for walks and keeping you fit
    2.) They can also help you mentally because they are fun animals and they are sooo cuteeeeeee
    get one now bro

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