23 thoughts on “Cats or Dogs”

  1. Dogs–there are so many varieties, and they’re awesome. They’re comforting and ALWAYS there for you. They’re affectionate as well. So what dogs aren’t the smartest? They respond to human commands, and they’re friendly. So they aren’t quiet. They actually alert whether there are thieves or not. Dogs are awesome–no question here. (NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE!!)

    Rating: 5
  2. I mean I never actually had a pet so not so sure, but I would say dogs, they’re so playful and I think walking them would be so much fun. Though I think I would enjoy having a cat, more peaceful.
    I think I would want a dog over a cat but it’s kinda neutral for me.

  3. Cats. Because they are so cute and quiet. You don’t need to pay a lot attention on them and they can enjoy their lives themselves. Also, they are cleaner than the dogs. So if I can have a pet, I’d like to have a cat.

  4. Dogs are relatively more lively than cats. I like more lively pets to accompany me and make my life have more fun. (In fact, what I yearn for the most is being able to have a cat and a dog at the same time 🙂

    Rating: 4
  5. Dogs are better! They are so playful and loving. Cats don’t always like being pet but dogs never mind it. Cats will also nibble your finger for fun, but dogs will lick you which is painless. Dogs are much more fun and lively compared to cats.

  6. I don’t have much experience with either cats or dogs, but I prefer cats–maybe I just think they’re cuter. They’re also more relatable; I’d love to just nap whenever I wanted!

    Rating: 5
  7. i think both of them would make good pets. dogs are smarter as they can understand your feelings and emotions but sometimes they’re hard to take care of because some kinds of dogs shed fur/hair, they might bark at night, and some bigger dogs are hard to bring to places like your car if you’re going on a road trip. cats, on the other hand, might not understand what you’re trying to tell them or the emotions you’re feeling all the time, but they’re easier to take care of. you don’t have to take them on walks a lot of times during the day, and they’re also small so you can bring them onto your car if you’re going on a road trip. you can train both dogs and cats and both of those pets are cute as any of them would make great pets, it’s really up to you to choose your pet. (but i think cats are cuter because i have one at home:)

    Rating: 5
  8. Dogs, because they adapt better to change. Cats usually are more fine-tuned to their environments and dislike change. But dogs often are calmer when there are vital modifications to their lifestyles.

    Rating: 5
  9. Dogs due to the fact that they are loyal, kind, and affectionate towards their owner. Dogs are a great companion because they are playful, fun, and cute. But, personal opinion does matter because if you want a pet that you don’t have to give as much as attention to, then you should get a cat. Another reason you should get a dog is because they come in so many different kinds, you have so much variety to choose from! Both cats and dogs are a great pet, but as you can tell, I’m more of a dog person.

  10. Dogs for sure – I have 2 dogs myself, a golden retriever and a lab retriever. It may be difficult at first training your dog but in less than 2 weeks they learn everything and they are easily trainable with treats. If you are ever feeling mad or sad they are always bye your side!

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