Avatar Challenge

1 point

Complete two steps to earn this Challenge.  You may only earn this Challenge once, even if you decide to change your pictures later in the summer.

  • Step One: add images to your profile!

Scroll over “Howdy,.. “ in the upper right corner and select “Profile”.

Select “Change Profile Picture” and upload an image. (Don’t use a photo of yourself!)

Select “Change Cover Image” and upload an image.

If for some reason this does not work, it is probably because the image is too big. Try another image!

  • Step Two: send a message to the Game Administrator (Admin)  
  1. Go to your Profile Page and select “Messages”
  2. Select “Compose”
  3. Our Username is “Admin”
  4. Use the Subject  “Avatar Challenge”
  5.  In the Message Box write “Check out my avatar!”
  6. Don’t forget to hit the SEND button!

That’s it! The Game Administrator will award your point soon!