Da Rules Challenge

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Read the Summer Game Rules.

  • This is a summer reading challenge, so please use books that you have read or reread this summer.
  • Any book you read can only be used to complete 1 challenge. For example, if you use a book for the Star Challenge, you can’t use it again for the Good Student Challenge. (The only exception is the 100 Page Challenge, which asks you for your opinion of a book after you read just 100 pages. When you finish the book, you may use it to complete another challenge.)
  • You may read anything you like, including graphic novels. There is only one restriction. If you read a manga series, you may only use the series once. For example, if you read 5 volumes of Naruto, you may submit 1 book review for the series. This rule applies to manga only!
  • We want to know your opinion of the books you read. If a challenge asks you to answer a specific question, make sure you include the answer. Your book reviews do not have to be long. (3-5 sentences should do it) Use your own words please!
  • Every Comment/Review you submit won’t be published until it is approved by one of our Game Administrators. Game Administrators will be monitoring the game from 10 am – 9 pm. Game Administrators need to sleep. eat, take out the garbage, etc. Be patient! We will approve your submission as soon as we can!
  • Check your profile for messages! We may have a question about one of your submissions. You can send messages to Admin if you need help or have a question about the game.

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