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  1. In the envelope of photos there is this photo and there is this shelf and it’s full but there’s more books so then they are piled up on the floor and I found it interesting considering how many shelfs there are in the Livingston LIbrary compared to that photo where they couldn’t find where to the put the other books since they had run out of room.

  2. I never knew they had old yearbooks from 1957 – 2009. I also didn’t know that that site has pictures with memories at the bottom of it. It was also pretty cool to see some yearbooks back then compared to some modern yearbooks.

  3. I looked in the photos and found a picture of the LHS Library. It looked REALLY OLD, and it seemed like a house. I’ve never seen it before in real life, maybe it was taken down? I wonder if there are still books from there.

  4. I found a yearbook from the year my parents were born. It was in black and white, which I thought was kinda weird because most of my parents baby photos are in color, but I don’t really know the reason, and it was also called crossroads, which I think is still used, pr referenced, in today’s yearbooks.

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  5. Yearbooks back then were very different from what we have now. I went all the way back to 1957’s yearbook and saw that instead of having a lot of people on just a few pages, there are more pages with less people, and they had pictures of everyone. The cafeteria staff, custodians, and many more instead of having everyone on the same page. And when you got the students, they all had paragraphs of what they were like, what they did. Now we just have pictures of each other.

  6. In the LHS yearbook of 1957, the pictures were black (obviously), the kids weren’t even looking at the camera which I thought was weird, the students looked like grown adults whereas today, the students look like teens.

  7. In the 1970 yearbook I got to see what the front of LHS used to looks like. It was plain brick and I could barely recognize it. I’m glad they changed it with glass because it looks much nicer now.

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