Lal or Neel?

If you read the synopsis for this book, you’ve seen Lal and Neel described as “crushworthy” princes. Do you hope the author creates a romantic relationship between Kiran and one of them? If so, which one? Or should they remain just friends?

Rating: 4

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  1. Lal and Neel are both very…ah…princely, but if it comes to one of them with Kiran, I’d say Neel. They both can connect more because of their heritage. Additionally, Lal completely belongs with Mati. But right now, they’re just about 13, so I think it would be irrational if there were, erm, relationships at this age.

  2. Honestly, i think Kiran and Neel should just be friends, but I might RAGE if he says something like “She’s just a friend”. Sure, i said myself they should just be friends, but it reminds me of a CERTAIN CHARACTER THAT I DESPISE GREATLY.
    lets play try to guess the quote!
    guess it! it’s easy as 1 2 3!

  3. Neel isn’t human like Kiran and Lal and mati who are both humans like each other and they also are very close because they were both stuck inside two glowing orbs while Neel and Krian just go on mission together to defeat the serpent king.

    Rating: 5
  4. Totally Neel. It appears Lal and Mati enjoy their time together-A LOT-so I think Neel and Kiran are the best pair. Even though they fought a lot, I think they are a little more than just friends.

  5. I would definitely say Neel. they should all stay friends but Kiran and Neel would be a good pair while Lal and Mati would go and be together instead of Kiran and Lal.

  6. I would say Neel because he is most simmilar but they are young and people can always cange over time.

  7. I would say Neel because he’s a better fit, but honestly they’re a but young so eh. Lal and Mati seem better. And also I feel that Neel and Kiran are more than friends and are closer.

  8. I would choose Neel because he seems a better fit with Kiran. I feel like all is very nice to Kiran and sweet but his brother Neel is mean to her. Lal is sweet and likes to kill the demons but he’s also spoilt. Lal is also close with Mati who is the stable master’s daughter and he has a crush on her.

  9. I feel it’s a bit too early, but at this age, I think all of them should remain friends. But If they ever do, It would be Neel. Because Lal and Mati already are close.

    Rating: 4
  10. Neel all the way, but I agree with some of the other comments saying that they should stay friends in their youths.

    Rating: 3
  11. I think Neel because they can relate better and Lal would be better with Mati. But I think they are better off as friends for now since they are young.

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