Snow White and the Three Doors

Doc, Sleepy, and Bashful missed Snow White after she married the Prince and moved to the castle. They decided to buy houses in the city to be closer to her. 

When they got there, they noticed that the front doors of all the houses were painted white. The first thing they did after buying their houses was paint their front doors in different colors. One painted his door yellow. One painted his door red. One painted his door orange. 

Doc’s favorite color was orange, however one of the other dwarves had already painted his door orange. Doc chose his second favorite color instead. 

Bashful bought a house on a quiet street. He didn’t have a paintbrush, so he needed to borrow one. He waited until the other two were done before he painted his door.

Snow White decided to surprise each of her old friends with a basket of treats from her favorite bakery. The bakery was on a busy street in the center of town.

She left the first basket at the house with the red door, because it was right next to the bakery. She left the last basket at the house with the yellow door. 

Who was the last to receive a basket of treats?

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