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  1. The Lightning Thief
    Rick Riordan
    1 – He goes to a camp and gets a prophecy
    2 – Percy’s camp director helps him, and Annabeth and Grover (his best friend) will journey with him.
    3 – They leave camp.
    4 – They slay monsters and find out what they are looking for is in a specific place. Percy battles more monsters and finally, they make it to their destination.
    5 – They approach the place, a dangerous place. They barely make it in because of…let’s just say the bouncer.
    6 – Grover is almost pulled under, but Percy and Annabeth save him. They are getting closer to being dead.
    7 – The thing they are looking for is found.
    8 – Some people try to stop him from getting the object to the rightful owner. Percy fights them and pretty much wins.
    9 – The object is returned to the rightful owner, and World War III is prevented.
    10 – Someone turns on Percy, backstabbing him when he least expects it (metaphorically)
    11 – The traitor is gone and had revealed who and why he was working for someone.
    12 – Percy’s a hero, backstabber is gone, and the next book is coming.

  2. Homeless Bird, by Gloria Whelan
    Koly has to get married in an arranged Marriage, she believes that she might have a new life, but hopefully a happy one. as soon as she arrives at the house of her new family things start to go downhill. first her husband dies, then her father-in law, finally she decides not to live in a cage of misery and runs, to the bustling city. she finds herself on another planet. she find work as an embroiderer and learns to love the new life she created.

  3. Harry Potter is my favorite Hero’s Journey story but a classic hero’s journey is The Odyssey. I read it for school this year and it follows Odysseus as he goes on a journey to return home, facing lots of challenges along the way.

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